Who We Serve

In the 19 years that 4 Guys Interactive has been in business, we have enjoyed serving a very diverse client portfolio. And since each client receives a custom solution from us, we have a variety of industries and businesses served.

Our client list linked to the right will give you an idea of some of the kinds of clients for whom we have created work that resulted in "WOW!", "That's impressive", "I wish my first Web site looked this good", and "It's nice to work with people who really know SEO and Web design, and who do it really well."

Some of our client categories include:

  • Architecture/Engineering
  • Education/Community
  • Collectibles
  • Consulting/Services
  • Energy
  • Financial & Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Industry
  • Marketing & Services
  • Retail
  • Software/IT Services
  • Sports, Entertainment, Travel & Leisure
4 Guys Interactive 18 Year Anniversary

Our Work

Some may say this section speaks for itself. We'd prefer to say it speaks to what our clients told us they needed and we were honored and pleased to provide.

Our body of work does speak to the diversity among clients and industries as well as to the varying needs and circumstances with each client. As you'll see, no two are alike. The challenges may appear similar, but each one is different. So, too, are our approaches.

If you'd like to know more about a particular project, call us. We're here to answer your questions, address any concerns, and explore how we can be of service to you. Enjoy the tour!

4 Guys Interactive 18 Year Anniversary

What We Do

  • Web

    Today, the Web is an integral part of our business world. In fact, you're missing out on a huge opportunity if you aren't doing at least some part of your business over the Web. But with an endless amount of possibilities, it's often confusing to know just what needs to be done.

    The capabilities of 4 Guys Interactive may have you thinking we're one of the industry "big boys." Indeed we are by delivering big results for our clients.

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  • Interactive Marketing

    Are your current Web efforts falling a bit short? Still have marketing goals needing to be reached? Getting ready to market on the Web? If any of these describes your situation so, you need a comprehensive web-understanding of what customers want, what competitors are doing, and what it takes to be profitable online.

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  • Print

    It's surprising how many companies need a creative "trauma team" to bring their identity back to life - whether it's due to ignoring the latest design and marketing rules, or just the passage of time.

    Setting your company apart from your competitors is crucial in today's business environment. Customers are demanding interactive and informative presentations that engage and interest.

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4 Guys Interactive 18 Year Anniversary

Who We Are

  • World-Class Experience in Houston

    Hire 4 Guys and you'll get a team of experts who've been building websites, multimedia and web-based applications for 19 years now. We've successfully launched projects for clients who lead their respective industries.

    We speak at design and business conferences, publish columns and white papers, and are frequently profiled in national publications.

    We don't outsource any development and hire only the best and brightest right here at home. This is the kind of expertise we can bring to you.

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  • History: At a Glance

         •  Founded in 1995, incorporated in 1997
         •  Headquarters in Houston, Texas
         •  10 employees
         •  Privately held company
         •  Strong base of small, medium, and Fortune 500 clientele
         •  Nationally recognized as one of the country's most
            innovative and accomplished boutique web design firms.

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4 Guys Interactive 18 Year Anniversary

Work With Us

4 Guys Interactive 18 Year Anniversary
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