4 Guys was founded in 1995 at a time when you could count the number of web development companies in America on both hands. From its inception, 4 Guys was built around the concept of a team of 4 working on every project. That team approach remains a key strength and differentiator of 4 Guys even today. So, yes, there are really "4 Guys" that will work on your project. You'll be assigned a Project Manager, Designer, Programmer, and Technical Representative. We also have copywriters on staff if you need one.

As a side note, it didn't hurt that back in the early days of the Internet search engines (such as Yahoo!) used alpha-numeric sorting for its listings, not relevance. This meant that any business whose name started with a number jumped to the top of the search results; a big benefit for a small company with limited bucks for advertising!

Founded in late 1995, when there was even speculation that the Web would grow too large and collapse, 4 Guys is Houston, Texas' oldest web development company, as well as one of the oldest in Texas.

In 1996 the jobs started flowing fast and furious, so 4 Guys began to add "guys." As word of our work and results for our clients spread, "4 Guys" rapidly became "more guys." We incorporated, moved into commercial space and began to build a diverse client list.

As we find them, we add great people to our team. We also continue to push the envelope on both the effectiveness and creativity of our work. We take our clients' high goals and set ours one step higher. Our commitment and challenge is to exceed your expectations, no matter the size of your goals or your project.

  • Founded in 1995, incorporated in 1997
  • Headquarters in Houston, Texas
  • 10 employees
  • Privately held company
  • Strong base of small, medium, and Fortune 500 clientele
  • Nationally recognized as one of the country's most innovative and accomplished
    boutique web design firms.
X 4Guys Interactive, Inc, 5300 Hollister St. Ste. #111, Houston, TX 77040