• Our Culture

    Working at 4 Guys Interactive is not your typical business environment. We're professional; don't get us wrong. But, we're not a bunch of stuffed shirts, either. Far from it. We enjoy a pretty laid back and fun place to excel. You might like to work here. Yet, there are challenges.

    Our team members (at other companies they're called employees) are very dedicated people and they expect the same dedication from everyone here. Deadlines are not taken lightly and delivering to client expectations is a must. Still, this family-type atmosphere is prevalent while we have maintained triple-digit growth each year since our inception in 1996.

    4 Guys Interactive fosters sharing, creativity, leadership, personal growth and teamwork while discouraging micro-management and bureaucracy. In short, we empower our team members to be the best.

    Like other companies who serve the digital and interactive world, we're a fun place to work. What sets us apart is our loyalty to our team members. We want people who are willing to commit to the company and help build something special that will last. Is this you?

    We're extremely precise about who we bring into our team. Some may say we're too picky. Nevertheless, we believe we can only build something special by hiring outstanding people.

    Let us know your take on becoming our newest team member by filing out our application and tossing one over the digital transom. We really would love to hear from you.

  • Positions

    The following positions are typically available at 4 Guys-we don't post a job when it is available and then remove it when it has been filled. We do this because we want to hire outstanding people; not just fill empty seats. So if you see a position that interests you, let us know. The hiring status of each position is indicated at the bottom of the description.

    Cold Fusion Programmer (entry level)


    We need an experienced programmer whose strengths include programming e-commerce, Intranet and Extranet solutions using ColdFusion. Additional duties include working on in-house projects (our Intranet, pet projects, etc.) and software/product development. There is some client contact and planning. There is little to no travel involved and the workweek is typically 40-55 hours, Monday through Friday.
    Applicants must be a U.S. citizen.

    Required Skills:
    Cold Fusion, SQL, Access, IIS4, HTML (mid to expert level)
    Desired Skills:
    ASP, Javascript, Java, DHTML, Perl, C++, Visual Basic (any other programming experience is a plus)
    Non-Technical Skills:
    Ability to work in a close-knit team environment and to self manage.



    Our ideal intern will have 1-4 years experience with some combination of work with HTML (at a minimum), Photoshop, Flash, Web Programming, and/or MS SQL. More important is your ability to learn through repetitive creative work on some really cool websites. You need to be able to show us your experience in web design, and your desire to take your abilities to a higher level through working your tail off with us. Tell us why you want to be a 4 Guys intern, and why we should want you!

    Education Desired:
    High School graduate
    Some college work is a plus
    Non-Technical Skills:
    Able to work with a close-knit group of people, starting at the bottom of the pile!
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